• Flashcards

    One of the most critical questions of pharmacy license exams, are focused on fundamentals and basics of pharmaceutical sciences.

  • Case Studies

    Case studies present the students with real-life examples of clinical scenarios and require them to apply their knowledge to solve the problem.

  • Study Tables

    We have retained the short tables of relevant physiological/ clinical and biochemical information for subsequent preparation in FPGEE.

  • Matchings

    Matching questions involve paired lists that require test takers to correctly identify, or match, the relationship between the items.

  • Practice Tests

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  • MCQ's

    The MCQs are frequently used to test knowledge and understanding objectively at the pharmacy licensing exams.

  • Pharma Calculations

    Hospital/Clinical pharmacists has to perform simple/complex calculations as part of their professional practice in many instances.

  • True/False

    True/False questions present a statement, and alert the test taker to choose whether the statement is truthful.